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Yantai top ten tourist attractions linked to Zhifu Bay Victoria Harbour will be
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"From the Zone, Jinshan beach to Muping Hong Kong, to Yantai to conduct a comprehensive integrated coastal tourism resources and promote coastal tourism with construction of the top ten tourist groups, through the scenic spots, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, marina, camp and other facilities
The group building to create a new bright spot in Yantai tourism. "Municipal Bureau of Tourism Secretary Yinguo Wen said, from the Zone, Jinshan beach to Muping Hong Kong, including the Golden Sands, Zhifu Island, Yantai, Yantai Mountain, Big World, rain Daishan, Yellow Pearl, Ma cottage, Yangmadao, Jinshan Hong Kong, including the top ten tourist groups as collections of pearls, wearing the beads strung along the coastal Yantai, in time, and every single "pearls" are worthy of the public and tourists try to "play."

Golden Beach to promote the marina building; Zhifu Island, traveling by car to promote the camp; Yantai to build yacht base ---

Supporting better leisure travel

Zhifu Island from Golden Beach and then to Yantai Port, Coastal Resort will be the most prominent feature of the hotel cluster, car camp, marina, sand beach and other facilities primarily in the planning and construction of the three groups will be full of "leisure taste children. "

Binhai West Road to the folder from the mouth of the West Bank, to build seaside resort and beach sports as the main function of the characteristics of Golden Sands tourist groups. Promote the Oriental Hawaii, Pegasus bridge, town car, car camps, parks and other tourism and leisure resort Jiahe construction and tourism resort projects Cluster, promoting the nations marina construction.

From the estuary to the folder Zhifu Zhifu Island delegation to the island to build a waterfront recreation, yacht tourism as the main functional characteristics of the group. Speed up the east coast of leisure and tourism area in Jiahe, happiness, self-driving camps sea, Lotte marina, fishing the North Island music and other tourism projects at the same time, enhance the transformation of east coast estuaries folder sandy beach, construction of the west coast beach, dug with the cap Zhifu Bay Bay Water channels, the construction of tourist attractions bridge.

"Zhifu Island from the east coast to the Pacific Beach Pier Yantai Port of Yantai group, will build the business travel, cruise boats, the harbor industrial tourism as the main function of the characteristics of groups, create Yantai 'Victoria Bay'." Planning Branch Municipal Bureau of Tourism the person said.

Yantai Hill to create "night Yantai" landmark; World will become the sea wedding platform; Marina Square will present "Business Hotel cluster" ---

Hotel Riviera cruise get together

"From the Mountains to the Yantai Marina Square, to create the Opening of cultural, commercial, leisure, catering and shopping as the main characteristics of Yantai Mountain group. World will build a platform at sea wedding." Municipal Bureau of Tourism Planning Division official, the group will Let Yantai Hill area, Chaoyang Street Area and the Waterfront Museum, the cluster of three "Laojing child" emerged "new faces."

First of all, improve the quality of Yantai Mountain area, planning coastal concert, "Night to see Yantai," and other activities, to create the iconic downtown tourist area. Second, to speed up the development of Chaoyang Street Area to tourism, shopping, cuisine relying on consumer characteristics to create neighborhoods at night. Beach Museum of clusters in the Changyu Wine Culture Museum, Museum of the North Star watches, based on the Museum of Modern Art, and then tap the lock ring to create the museum, the Northern Navy Memorial, the East Customs Maritime Silk Road Museum, Matheson ounce European style hall Postal Museum, Yantai religious museum.

At the same time, the tourism sector will accelerate the Marina Square business tourism development, to build a street food culture Guangren Road and Cross Street, a street wine bar, the establishment of large wine city of sculpture, to increase the wine theme of leisure facilities. Tianhong five-star hotel with the WTO and the acceleration of the construction, "business hotel cluster" will also be gradually presented.

Rain Daishan public fishing area will be located; Yellow Pearl staged musical; horse cottage --- creating an ecological leisure and tourism

Cruise has to play there to see

"Rain Daishan group home late from the Rhine to the square to create marine recreation, fishing, and leisure travel groups as the main feature." Municipal Bureau of Tourism Planning Section responsible person, one project to accelerate construction of Fisherman's Wharf, as soon as possible formation reception capability and Fisherman's Wharf is a small town, Oriental Horizon, Panorama Bay, the former State Tourism Training Centre, National Book creation center, hotels, etc. Zhifu based landscape to create a set of good results with high-end hotel clusters, the third is the environment within the rain Daishan transformation, to increase public fishing area, the formation of the overall tourism environment.

According to the plan, from the Yellow Sea to the days of Vietnam Casino Bay Yellow Pearl performing arts groups to build tourism, beach entertainment, sports, resort hotels as the main function of the characteristics of groups, a reflection of the sea, Yantai Maritime Silk Road and cultural background of the laser water screen --- musical "Silk Sails" entertainment city will be unveiled the Yellow Sea, Yellow Sea, Pearl of the terminal will be carried out at sea boats, ground effect vehicles, motor boats and other maritime activities around the beach of Yantai University, to create a "sea sports Coast", will increase the rock climbing, beach volleyball, beach soccer, beach and other beach sports motorcycle to carry out sailing, windsurfing, jet ski, canoe, powered parachute, water bicycles, and other marine tourism projects.

Yangma to achieve the overall linkage development; Jinshan Hong Kong to build tourism town ---

"Riviera" coming Yantai

After the heap in the clams to the junction of Jinshan Yantai Weihai port group will build China's "Riviera" and building a world-class boutique resort shoreline. According to enhance the coastal line travel planning, Yangmadao and Jinshan Hong Kong as the regional top ten the last two groups will endeavor to build a world-class boutique resort coastline, as China's "Riviera" (the Mediterranean coastal areas, shore Saga magnificent sight, the beautiful scenery attracts many tourists to this holiday cold. press note.)

"Pet Fishes River to the clams from the reactor after the Yangma group, will create the seaside resort and leisure resort, business meetings as the main characteristics of the tourism group. In accordance with the standards to create high-end tourist island, speed up the completion of the preparation of the overall tourism planning, the joint development of the whole. "person in charge of Planning Division, the group will accelerate the resort hotel, spa resort," national reef flat coast, "Yangmadao racetrack, Folk Village and other projects, the formation of a higher level of vacation units. Meanwhile, the development of the former Sea region Yangmadao building marinas, water sports Yangmadao Bay base, and retain special catch the sea area of villages and towns to strengthen Yangmadao characteristics, foster a number of rural tourism and farm cooperatives and enjoy households.