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Hainan strictly controls the party and government cadres of public funds to t
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Reporter held from 27 pm to stop the province's foreign affairs system, public funds abroad (Habitat) special work meeting on tourism was informed that the first half of this year, Hainan Province, party and government cadres going abroad (Habitat) the number of groups, the number of funds ratio in 2009 dropped 37.5%, 12.9% and 18.5%. Province responsible to stop public funds on behalf of Hainan Province, leaving the country (territory) Office of Tourism special efforts to convey the country to stop public funds abroad (outbound) tourism special television and telephone conference. This year, Hainan Province, party and government cadres going abroad (Habitat) and the number of significantly reducing the number of groups, going abroad (Habitat) gradual improvement of rules and regulations, dealt with a number of public funds leaving the country (territory) of violation of discipline cases, public funds abroad (Habitat ) travel been checked, to stop public funds abroad (outbound) tourism special work and achieved remarkable results. However, in some localities and departments still are incompetent, not strict problem, public funds abroad (outbound) tourism problem still exists. For the fourth quarter of this year, going abroad (Habitat) approval of the work, Hainan Province, stressed the "three strict": strict examination and approval of new declarations going abroad (Habitat) groups, re-examination has been approved to be in the fourth quarter leaving the country (territory) of the groups; strict control of non-emergency public service missions task approval, prohibiting no real task groups; strictly controlled double-cross groups, non-exceptional circumstances are generally not approved. Party and government organs of various cities and counties to fully implement the central authorities on the suppression of public funds abroad (Habitat) special work travel arrangements and requirements, do a good job at the end of the special working party and government organs to ensure the following cities and counties this year, going abroad (Habitat) based on the number of last year 10% of the compression tasks.