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Scottish song and dance appearance Yantai International Food Festival
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YMG reporter Xu Rui reports: 3 October, a delegation of 18 Scottish songs and dances to Yantai, Travel World International Food Festival at the scene for the general public presented a wonderful song and dance performances. It is understood that the singing and dancing to the delegation from the Scottish smoke-friendly city of Yantai City, Angus, Scotland, by Scottish traditional dance team and The Trybe band composition. The Trybe is the most popular in Scotland The Pickett band, the main performances of traditional dance in Scotland (jigs, Montreal dance, dance dance La Sibei Stirling, Scotland), and the drum, Po Silan Drum (Scotland percussion section of a goat), Scottish bagpipe Mainly of traditional Scottish music. The dance and music ensembles characterized by stifling the music rhythm, and dazzling dance steps, to the audience the impact of auditory and visual surprises. Lyrics Main Scottish folk songs, drinking songs and old love song based. In the food festival site, from Montrose High School Dance Company's performance Dayton, won warm applause from the audience. Translation of a reporter learned through song and dance, to perform the dancers, girls aged 13 to 17 years , The boy was 11 years old. Although they are young, can all pregnant Jueyi, performed in various parts of England, won numerous awards. In addition, the band's Norman and Evan Pickett, a small family of musicians from Scotland, provided Bruce Edmund hand piano, accordion players have also come up with Leo his unique skills. The four performances throughout the day, pack the house, the climax of constant visitors were entertained.