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Lady go on a journey has some gadgety
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   is avoid accident awkwardness, lady go on a journey has some gadgety

Travel is outer, it is to shop no matter wear alley, still board the plane by ship, in the hand that regards a lady as you little not a vanity. In vanity sign besides box of lipstick, small glasses, small comb, eyebrow pencil, colour makeup, hairpin, napkin, cotton, make up paper, nail-clippers, nail file, still can have lend the Xiaopi that writes down the card, favourable card, card that take a car clip. Above these things, belong to groovy actor's costumes, show the introduction to have of some of special rule gadgety, go out outer meeting considers the use that be less than of purpose.

When the slide fastener when bag of skirt, trousers, bag blocks one cut small candle, smear a bit, slide fastener can loosen.

Even if a small rubber is the rubber on pencil head, be in lost eardrop to lock up carelessly or eardrop is too heavy, when cannot be being worn, can get off a small rubber chains eardrop.

A small lemon does not use make tea to use the vestige that eliminates a face go up and exhaustion however, lemon juice is crude disappear mark oil, with 1: 3 scale add water to mediate, still have beautiful white effect.

Pillowcase of a damask is when you when the journey, damask pillowcase can make your hair not random. Sleep on damask pillowcase, still can wrinkle in order to prevent facial ministry.

Double-faced adhesive plaster can use cloth of hank adhesive plaster to stick deft ornamental; Pulling not carefully when defeat or ticking off broken dress, adhesive plaster can adhere in the opposite breakage, the front but decorative pattern of careful joining together, do not wear trace.

Be responsible for a task unit until it is completed when caraway needs, chew, but seasonable and pure and fresh your taste, the time that caraway comparing breathes pure and fresh agent to preserve taste of oral cavity as good as is a few longer, and without field mint odour.

Hose of a pair of hose wears what a kind of special individuation can make after defeating bundle of hair ribbon, opaque flexibility is very big. Cut the canister ministry of a hose, about 1 -- 3 inches wide. With it bundle of hair is very comfortable, because its unlike elastic is met in that way,pull the hair very closely, drag scalp hair is deeply.

Spoon of a metal develops metallic spoon on cold water bibcock, put spoon on eyelid 30 seconds next, metallic iciness can make the eye feels pure and fresh.

Fixature of gush of fixature of a gush can give a hair to finalize the design of course, but it also can be used at making hose not easy jump silk. Before wearing hose every time, use gush gum first from the top down is thin sparsely on gush one.

Oil of a bottle of fingernail oily fingernail wants achromatic, can protect chromatic fingernail oil not easy fade. In the meantime, after also can be being ticked off to defeat carelessly in hose, prevent a hole immediately expand, do not send in public circumstance awkwardness.
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