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The problem that travel is sure to cannot be ignored
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The problem that travel is sure to cannot be ignored (common sense piece)

Go out travel, multiplying a car is little by boat not. Do not be afraid of 10 thousand, be afraid of only in case, last insurance are equal to strung a safety belt. Insurance time limit is check ticket pull in or the car on midway, rise aboard, to check the bill goes a station or stopover, go ashore stops. Inside insurance period of efficacy, because contingency brings about a passenger death, deformity or lose body functionary, insurance company is divided outside paying medical treatment cost by the regulation, pay total number, half the number or partial insurance amount to the person that hurt or the dead's family member even.

The insurance premium with mandatory safe unexpected injury of passenger already was included it is in fare, when the passenger is buying ticket, steamer ticket, had cast this danger actually, its insurance cost is the 5% calculative that press fare, every safe insurance amount is a RMB 20 thousand yuan.

This danger that insurance company opens is planted, every insurance premium 1 yuan, insurance amount 10 thousand yuan, can cast 10 at most. Insurance time limit is from buy insurance to enter travel tourist attraction or scene zone time to rise, to leave tourist attraction zone time to stop. What ambitious attune needs here is, passenger but the size according to travel project safety factor, buy to should be sure to make choose with what do not buy. But when the proposal is attending following travel, you had better cast an insurance:

1. Expeditionary swim, if arrive big gorge is expeditionary, travel to extensive desert, llano, to burrow seek novelty expeditionary wait;

2. Zoology swims, if watch an animal to wild animal garden, to cook a meal of wildlife garden infield, camp etc;

3. Alarmingly dangerous swims, if undertake the float with current urgent billow, of cliff climb aid to wait. Now, our country insurance company already open up accommodation passenger

The new risk with safe person is planted.

This are safe every insurance cost 1 yuan, the day zero hour from accommodation calculates case, insurance period is restricted 15 days, it is OK to expire add is protected, can cast much portion. Every insurance liability divides a respect: It is gold of accommodation passenger insurance 5000 yuan; 2 be ready to help others for a just cause for accommodation passenger insurance gold 10 thousand yuan; The 3 compensation gold that article is marred accidentally by or pilfer is grabbed and obtain compensate for the passenger 200 yuan.

Inside insurance time limit, because the passenger perhaps is protection by contingency, ab extra assault, killing oneself or other life property are safe and send oneself death, deformity or body function to lose, or carry article to steal, rob etc, insurance company pays insurance gold by different level.
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