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Go on a journey is raised for dizzy darling action
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A lot of parents want to taking the advantage of holiday to look after children go on a journey, however they perhaps won't think of, in car horse fatigued, child comparing adult is easier and carsick. Had done so prevent dizzy job crucial.

Darling is carsick heavier than adult

Vestibular function of the child is lying 4 years old before growth phase, tend ceaselessly after 4 years old perfect, the ability when 16 years old is complete development is mature, accordingly, carsick symptom of the child is heavier than adult, more general also. The expert thinks, the immanent cause of child itself, like bowel of Morpheus inadequacy, stomach keenly feel of bad, head is risked etc, lure feel dizzy easily to move disease. If car bumps badly, bring about darling vestibule organ likely stimulant rise, cause carsick. So, take darling to go out by the car, need does the preparation with a few carsick precaution.

The common symptom with carsick darling

The child is carsick, a bit bigger conference is recounted uncomfortable, crouch in silently aside, eye lock, double closefisted catchs seat, have the expression of disgusting, vomiting, be agitated. And the infant won't talk, they can express only through a few unusual move. For instance happy to dance, cry be troubled by, irritating, perspire, vomiting, complexion is cadaverous, clutch parents not let go, should thinking of right now is carsick. These symptoms can get improving after get off commonly.

The processing with carsick darling

Let the child attend a few physical training more at ordinary times, strengthen vestibular function training. Can hold darling place in the arms to rotate slowly. Largish child, can take them to swing swing, skip, do broadcast gymnastics; In parents give aid to below, let the child walk along the balance beam with not tall height; The drawstring on touchdown of church child edge walks, the body does not want rock as far as possible.

Additional, before multiplying a car, do not let darling eat too fully, too fat, also do not let he is hungry abdomen, eat a few food that can offer dextrose to the child; Additional, before getting on a car, in the child navel place sticks a ginger, can alleviate carsick symptom; Smaller position bumps before looking after children to should choose to lean as far as possible by the car, shake in order to reduce, open car window, let airiness. If discover the child has carsick symptom, can press those who press him to add up to cereal acupuncture point forcibly appropriately (acupuncture point adding up to cereal is in) in the tiger's mouth-jaws of death among thumb and forefinger; With thumb acupuncture point closes to also can reduce carsick symptom inside clutch pressing (inside close acupuncture point to be in wrist palm side, 2 inches go up in the middle of wrist horizontal grain, two horizontal strokes are made an appointment with to point to on wrist horizontal grain namely place, between two muscle) . Carry paper towel, wipe in order to have after darling vomiting; Vomitive hind lets him drink some of beverage, the flavour of the puke in eliminate mouth. Carsick and serious child, best profess to convinced is carsick before multiplying a car medicine, dosage must pyxis is taken by doctor's advice, the darling of 1 year old of less than cannot take carsick medicine.
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