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The forest is necessary article and travel are practical guideline
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In the forest travel can give a person not only with the clearest regression nature pure and fresh experience, still can let people acquire the competence that seek to live on in travel. Generally speaking, pants of the tool of compass, chopper, shotgun, fishing, match that is put in waterproof container, raincoat, long body length, cord, merbromin and anguine medicine, it is the necessary article with silvan indispensable travel. In addition, still should master little knowledge of travel of a few forests.

   ■ stray

In case confused a road not to want fluster, can reckon the place from can firm trend was walked out of first much further, blow on the tree beside next issue some of bark to make mark. Should truncal the skin all around scrapes more some, so that can see from any respects. Such, can find oneself target always finally. Discovery is like when inner ear brook, river, that goes along them, it can take you to walk out of a forest.

   ■ prevent disease

Long-distance journey carries more water and food impossibly, because this is unavoidable,search fountainhead oneself in travel road. Although the brook water in the forest looks clear see a bottom, often contain however can the person's deadly bacteria, so must boil hind is drinkable. What what I hope is, there is a lot of to be able to offer the plant of moisture in the forest. Before the journey, you should master a few differentiate to approbate feed floral knowledge. If you do not have this one class on there's still time, bird of that careful observation and monkey choose what wild fruit to feed, these food also are hurtless to human body, can be at ease edible.

   ■ prevent a snake to bite

To avoid poisonous snakebite, when walking, might as well act rashly and alert the enemy: Dial brushwood with club, walk along anguine Jing. Once do not take care to be bitten by serpent, not alarmed, first cut upper part (rely on heart one party) take frap with rope or cloth, exert oneself to do sth. the skin all round crush injuries mouth is organized again, the blood of will toxic element is squeezed piece, can use cut of catharsis of clear water, saliva next, can take pill of snake venom issueing solution at the same time, use pill daub cut. The person that weigh to the injury is making send to the hospital as soon as possible after same processing.

   ■ avoid be struck by lightning

If thunderstorm is encountered in the forest, want around dense shrubbery to be taken, do not hide below lofty tree. Lofty tree often draws be born thunder, make the person suffers be struck by lightning. The metallic content of short duration such as a chopper answers to deposit the place that finds easily to when taking shelter from rain, do not take go up in the body.

In addition, the pest such as the mosquito in the forest, flat cootie, bloodsucker is very much, because this is in travel process cannot covet is cool wear short covering pants, and should plunge into close trouser legs and cuff. When curtain of night arrives, had better raise a tent or mosquito-curtain to sleep, in case mosquito bite and damp and icy forest climate cause the disease such as arthritis.
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