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The little knowledge of wet makes do in journey
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  Give a jewel: Journey copes with the little knowledge of wet

1, put the map had been in taken place, be like raincoat pocket or knapsack top bag, had made prevent spill water treatment.

2, if have the lens that wear an eye, the baseball with the bulgy brim before wearing first please cap again outer garment rain cap, can make you so the line of sight relatively beautiful.

3, rain gear is worn on the horse that encounter rain, not because rain is little and do not wear, drench soaked through is worn again had not enough time.

4, rain gear with raincoat of two cut type advisable, pluvial pants is propped up with condole belt can prevent to glide.

5, rain gear should be put in forever convenient take extraction place, the side bag that is like knapsack, top bag or advocate bag coping.


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