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Long-distance should not be by the car sitting catnap
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The summer comes, the person of the travel outside going out gradually much rise, but some people are in travel road, can appear headachy defect. Investigate its reason, it is unexpectedly when multiplying a car sitting for long to shut eye repose be caused by. For this, the expert reminds, should take a car for long to go out journey, when handling affairs, do not sit to shut eye repose on board all the time, because this kind of way is right healthy very adverse, can cause a few diseases even.

According to expert introduction, when taking a car, automobile body acutely shakes, if,this kind shakes for long action at human body, can make cerebral ministry hemal strongly convulsion and contractive, generation has a headache, the symptom such as dazzled, disgusting, tinnitus. And right now if people is sober, cerebrum is in exalted position, add the scenery outside receiving a window ceaselessly to stimulate, haemal circulation speed can be accelerated, the influence that shakes place to get too won't big, have a headache, the possibility that the symptom such as dazzled, disgusting, tinnitus produces is lesser. Accordingly, if think rest word,multiply a car, still had better lie on one's back body in part on the seat, or on seat of Fu advanced face small resting moment, but time grows not easily too, should control in 20 minutes in.


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