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Recall Yantai- - glacial heart
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(1981) glacial heart
Mention Yantai, my memory and impressions emerge from far and near...
But, about Yantai, what can I still say?
The Yantai of my childhood times, the Yantai of desolate loneliness 70 years ago, already the die in the eye from modern people. The Yantai now is the Bohai Sea east the big haven of an extend in all directions of the bank, it is young, radiant the ground busy move is greeted send 5 continent the guest of the four seas. It won't be written down so that 70 have an alone child before New Year, on its one horn beach, wander loiter around, spent 8 year that current flow falls.
The friend that comes from Yantai tells me, dongshan has been built on the site of naval school went up very luxurious guesthouse, she still invites me to go back small live. My imagination is too poor, dare not be in unexpectedly my, on desolate beach, build the pavilion with a 7 majestic treasure!
I am to left Yantai 1911 east of hill, ever went back 1917, change is not big among this. When I went to naval school of Shi Dongshan already was stationed in army again 1935, I can from what the top of a wall of that tower above sees outside the wall, the Xiaolou with old An. At this moment I still notice from hill checkpost door arrives on the road of Dong Shanhai school, this one land, belong to golden channel stockaded village. On the gravestone of grave of the clump in both sides cropland, quarter have a lot of " chastity daughter " , " section Fu " model of written characters. I am fierce recall has the clump grave in cropland outside wall of my hour study, often hear grave edge to the woman cries " lord " mournful sound, that was to suffer the widow of grievance to abreact of her have one's bosom filled with miserable Bei is cool! Feudal society to the female oppressive, I of childhood still cannot be experienced.
The naval school south the naval practice battalion of village north, village, already not answer existed, but the golden channel stockaded village among this dorp, still corner in hill certainly Hai Yu is resting. What this I am familiar with, remember what feel kind, a hundred or so comes the village that leaning abandons a lean close to, living, labor wears look unfamiliar in my honest and brave villager. They are mixed certainly nowadays countrywide farmer is same, progress and rich rose. Ask you to accept the blessing that I send from thousand inside and outside!

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