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Zhi Fu is transitional
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Zhi Fu is transitional

Zhi Fu, year period says " turn add " , qin Shi calls " Fu " , bright generation evolves into the Fu that it is Zhi, this come because of Zhi Fu island. Zhi Fu island, thing rank, lie across go up at urban north offing, call Zhi Fu hill again, local is appellative for " boreal island " , altitude of the highest peak in a mountain range 298 meters, the thing grows about 9 kilometers. Sea of 3 its annulus, xiang Na has one sanded a low bank of earth between fields to connect a bank, it is our country also be the most typical land-tied island greatly most. It is the natural protective screen of Yantai harbor, also be famous beauty spot. According to textual research of relics of white stone village, zhi Fu place is in early be apart from the period of new stone vessel that controlled 7000 today to the mankind lives, multiply haunt.
Business and period of the Western Zhou Dynasty, be located in Lai country east, weigh Dong Yi. When age destroy together after Lai, for oneself its, seek, area of immigrant of Lai a group of things with common features, belong to Dong Lai ground. When the Warring States destroy together neat ground is belonged to after Dong Lai. The ground when the Qin Dynasty belongs to month of glue Dong Jun to hang down county. Chinese great-great-grandfather 4 years (BC 203 years) buy Dong Laijun. To the Eastern Han Dynasty, the month that belongs to Dong Laijun of green administrative division early or late hangs down prefectural ground and ground of Mou Ping county (the county is treated in today blessing is a mountainous area ancient take) now. When the Kingdom of Wei of the Three Kingdoms so. The Western Jin Dynasty changes Dong Laijun to be Dong Lai country, still belong to ground of Mou Ping county. The Eastern Jin dynasty period is 16 countries early or late Zhao, before swallow, before the Qin Dynasty, hind the Dong Moujun of swallow, Na Yan makes the same score prefectural ground. The ground of Mou Ping county that Dong Moujun of Dong Laijun of Song Qing city, optical administrative division belongs to early or late when the Northern and Southern Dynasties. The Northern Qi Dynasty abandons Dong Moujun to enter smooth bey wide county, the ground is belonged to civil ascend a county. Great undertaking of the Sui Dynasty 3 years (the Christian era 607 years of) , save all cities, answer buy Dong Laijun, the ground belongs to Dong Laijun article to ascend a county.
627 years, save city county, useless ascend city, Qing Yang, the ground ascends a county into Lai city article; The Tang Dynasty Lin heart 2 years (665 years) , analyse Wen Dengxi condition, at Lai city east seek (seek smooth area today) county of answer buy Mou Ping, the ground belongs to Mou Ping county. 692 years, mou Ping county changes belong to ascend a city. To Tang Mo, afore-mentioned city counties all subject Henan path. Bridge of the Five Dynasties, the Tang Dynasty, advance, Chinese, Zhou Shijun is ground of county of the Mou Ping that ascend a city. 997 years, set Beijing east road. 1074, cent Beijing east the road is a thing two, the ground belongs to Jing Dongdong road to ascend county of city Mou Ping. The Jing Dongdong Lu Weishan that gold changes the Song Dynasty Dong Donglu. 1182, ascend bogus in order to ascend the article of the city together, Mou Ping two counties place
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