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The fokelore of pear of Lai in relief Chi
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Flesh of pear of Lai in relief Chi is qualitative delicate, gan Tian is like maltose, ringing and goluptious, have distinctive local color, ever was labelled on the history articles of tribute. About Lai this world Chi pear is labelled be related of royal articles of tribute, folk is circulating an old fokelore.
Fokelore has a surname in ancient time direct student, in go to Beijing to drive took an examination of a road to go up to weigh disease. Walk along Lai in relief churchyard, the illness is aggravating with each passing day, cough is more than, dripping wet of abnormal sweating due to general debility, top-heavy, although book child is taken care of, also walk hard hurry on with one's journey. Advocate fall forward 2 people are forced to look for one small inn to live in 5 dragon village below. Village of this 5 dragon, be located in 5 dragon riverside, have the operatic circle of a dense Chi. Dong Sheng asks cure to take medicine in small shop, the illness always has disappeared to turn. A day, he is cleared mind be worried, by the book child support sb with hand, take a walk in 5 dragon riverside, wait for, a full-bodied scent, ooze enters the bottom of one's heart. Dong Sheng mouth does glossal dry, want to denounce a Chi pear satisfy one's thirst, walk into Chi the operatic circle inside, do not see a people however, see pear tree of an old Chi is truncal only thick but so big that one can just get one's arms around, raise line space of Cang Long of dry Pan Quru, branches and leaves is exuberant, fruit full branch. Dong Sheng saw longevity of this Chi pear tree and not withered, vigrous and forceful, the devoir in the heart arises spontaneously. He is bowed with hands clasped to deeply toward old pear tree, solilo-quize path " old pear tree, old pear tree, although you are tree, the length with such however life, although the person is the spirit of everythings on earth, do not have macrobian recipe however. Have pity on me to be worth green teenager, get a severe disease however treat hard, be afraid of want die, bei husband, ai Zai! " at this moment, listen suddenly " hum whoop " , dong Sheng looks up to look, see only walk out of an old person from tree hind, healthy in old age, double eye Hei Liang, sharp. There is pear of big Chi of yellow of a gold in old person hand, say to Dong Sheng: "Mo Bei hurts childe, you feed this kind of pear after daily meal 1, the disease after a month needs heal. " say, will big Chi pear hands in the hand Dong Sheng. Dong Sheng has received Chi pear from inside better hand, after submissively thanks, na Dali ask for a favor bit, na Li arrived in the mouth not to nibble, be like,become aware crisp like maltose, melt into sweet juice, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid in the mouth, the five internal organs is moist, the six hollow organs is relaxed. Dong Sheng says gladly: "Clever, chi pear! Is it possible that god? " path of old man laugh: "Childe blessing photograph, it is the ability that writing encloseds ground for growing trees surely. Compare greatly year, autumn try cannot miss also. I send pear of your Lai in relief Chi one basket, you but the edge walks along an edge to eat, can treat Ru Zhi disease already, can add Ru Zhishou again. " Dong Sheng very appreciate, with book child falls on his knees together express one's thanks to of old man kowtow. After old man requital, wave to go however, only pear of one basket big Chi is put below the tree.
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