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Yantai - quiz of strange hill place
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Yantai person knows the strange hill place of urban center, up to now in old people is returned at every turn " in place city " Yun Yun. History record, at the beginning of Ming Dynasty year, to prevent Japanese pirates harassing attack, taking littoral establish defend, the martial organization such as place. 1398 (Hong Wu 31 years of) , strange hill was established to defend drive in the hamlet of small house of a fishing of Zhi Fu 1000 place, this is the cause of strange hill place.
In those days strange hill place all around build have sturdy city wall, tall 2 a unit of length 2 feet, thick 2 a unit of length. The city has 4, baodemen says east, the door is changed for announce on the west, blessing salary calls the door south, north has Chao Zongmen. 4 all build over the door have second floor cabinet, one is command post, 2 are lookout. In addition, 4 still build over the door have temple, the door is 2 man fane east, ximen is 3 officials temple, the door is mammon temple south, boreal door is medical king temple. Place hall is built at boreal door in, place city northwest is set do a goverment office in feudal China. There is a cross inside the city the ave is interlinked with 4.
The dweller of strange hill place with piece, Liu surnames 1000 descendant to be in the majority. As the become civilized of Zhi Fu and development, place city is progressively to all round fishing village is patulous, multiply nearly 300 years, to Ming Moqing first, already developed have with piece, surname of music, a surname is in the majority on Kuang village; Piece the world that the surname is in the majority and village; Piece, the southwest that Liu surname is in the majority closes a village; Music, piece, a Dong Zhuang village that teacher last name is in the majority and piece, the big, medium, Xiaohai that surname of Liu, Yuan, king is in the majority is in relief more than 10 dorp such as the village. These dorp return at that time " 13 villages " meeting all gets autonomy, the site of an association is inside jade emperor temple. Autonomy will be daily general affairs is in charge of handling by turns by each village. Besides, be apart from " 13 villages " closer village still has what be in the majority with ginger surname to connect extend a village; Miscellaneous surname mixes the Zhi Fu collect that get together; Old, summer, piece the Zhi Fu big Tuan that the surname is in the majority and east, on the west the mouth. The people common that lives in these places is called " local " , say again " old Yantai " .
The dweller of strange hill place, so mostly with fishing, farming, small handicraft industry, building rents course of study makes a living. As the development of goods economy, the ave inside place city formed a business street gradually, all sorts of booth dots bestrew street face, many people make a living with buying and selling, the small number of people becomes industrial and commercial owner. Place city closes to be in with southeast highway with southwest river coming on the west on the west, firewood, mulish horse, Man is provided, house of shop and the restaurant such as tile, lime, commissariat, Chinese traditional medicine, barbershop, yellow rice or millet wine. Street of the central Shaanxi plain comes east east the river has plunge into funeral of paper, happy event to provide, shop of the shop that rent, water furnace, baked wheaten cake; Boreal door Wai Street has oak charcoal, firewood, oil mill, wood the industry such as the shop of shade of made of baked clay mill, bamboo, birdcage, shop that play a flower, ice house; Southwest river two sides is blacksmith furnace and basket basket shop, light iron shop to wait more. The development of strange hill place, for Yantai the following opened port to establish a foundation.
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