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Also of Tan Jiaodong " devil, anything shaped or functioning like a mouth, hired
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From of old, the fame that Yantai person is in business is very noisy, "Hired thug of a fabled abode of immortals " , " yellow county anything shaped or functioning like a mouth " , " assist county devil " these 3 name are famous glue east, it is the be in business path of mouth of appearance a fabled abode of immortals, dragon and Lai city person: Yellow county person is glib, resemble fire enthusiasticly, so melting that resemble honey, can fool you confused and disoriented; The hired thug of a fabled abode of immortals is to say person of a fabled abode of immortals most diligent is enthusiastic: As to assist county person, although also be Yantai person, but they are in Yantai most in the west, that was having essence to differ with Yantai person, more it is not to say to the deep shrewdness tricky idea in. Odd from in those days Yantai is street in naming, you are active with respect to what can see Yantai commerce: "Filar room market " , " antique street " , " food market street " , " face city market " , " appraise garment street " , " sedan street " , " dyehouse street " ... nevertheless, yantai person is met the earliest of deal, return so that Cong Xiachao speaks of: The Yantai person of that times, had had " specialist " !
Open " history write down " medium " Xia Benji " , after Sima Qianzai describes big the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty to administer a poetic name of China " Hai Daiwei green administrative division " write in paragraph: "Lai exterminate is herd, its Fei silk having enough, float Yu Wen, connect at aid. " interpret Cheng Jinwen, lai of neat ground of that is to say child national common people people, have already what depasture on open country is pastoral, also have carrying small small basket, to hill picked oak cultivates the pod that go up to come back to spin the person that weaves silk, still have next carry these silk technically by boat, the person that down water of aid of river of short of Wenshui River one belt is trafficced or trades... such case, in " tribute of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty of a high official in ancient China " piece in also have almost same account. This that is to say, be in the Yantai area thousands of years ago, had begun occurrence division of labor to differ " specialist " !
The person of Chinese ancient Central Plains, all along is right " 4 exterminate " have fixed appellation: Alleged " Na Man " " boreal surname " " Xi Rong " " Dong Yi " . Live in glue east of the peninsula " Lai smooths " person, left numerous and brilliant record to archaic civilization however on the history: Their heroism be apt to is shot -- " exterminate " the original meaning of the word is " from big Cong Gong " , the next after fokelore is exterminate person; They can dance of song be apt to -- " history write down old and well-known family of · neat great-grandfather " in account, qi Jing is fair when with Lu Ding consortium adds up to Yu Gagu, once special a together the most wonderful Dong Lai's person (Lai city treats the ground now) " Lai is happy " give Lu Ding fair appreciation; They are learned and courteous -- " Dong Yi of · of book of the later Han dynasty is passed " account they are " its person is bulky Jiang Yong and sincerely thick, do not be bandit bank note... feed drinkable Zu Dou, jointly with, do obeisance to the rank of nobility, wash the rank of nobility, bow with hands clasped to let rise fall " ; They are good at developing -- be they reach tussah its are silk the technology passed present red from Bohai Sea bay east one belt, let over there develop into what breed for tussah area.
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