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South northward Xiaojiang- - courtyard of buddhist of Hai Yangcong hemp
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Courtyard of clump hemp buddhist, renown 7 peaks temple. In the hill of 7 Gu top that it is located in Pan Shi inn of sea in relief city to press down churchyard. According to legend, imperatorial Wei Chi Jingde raises Tang Dynasty found a state Ma Yu this, friend name " from equestrian courtyard " ; Because of all round be like,strange peak cluster stands hemp, also renown " Cong Ma courtyard " .
According to epitaph account, courtyard of clump hemp buddhist rebuilds at Qing Xianfeng 2 years, gross area makes an appointment with 8600 square metre. The building divides a thing two courtyards. The courtyard is correct path courtyard on the west, it is the place that burn joss sticks does obeisance to Buddha, around is built 3 rows, divide hill door, audience hall, 2 halls, 3 halls. Hill door thing has wing-room each 3, audience hall consecrate is worn 3 honour figure of Buddha, buddha Budda is in the middle of, of class of both sides station is 18 arhat; Consecrate is returned to wear in wing-room " 3 fair " -- king of the Li Tian that hold a tower in the palm, Yang Erlang and close fair figure of Buddha; Compartment consecrate is worn on the west avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. The courtyard is the dormitory that bonze lives daily, kitchen, parlor and barn east, before also be being divided in hind 3, save now complete. Correct path courtyard collapsed 1958, hill door was demolished 1973, foundation still is put.

Courtyard of clump hemp buddhist lies group of hill encircle in, relief strategic place, the environment is beautiful, protection of the vegetation on hill is good, the woods, lush and green; The Dan Ya after the temple (big Gu) Gao Qian an ancient measure of length equal to seven or eight chi, if screen is like barrier; Stage of the name a person for a particular job other the temple, fasten relics of move forces of Chi Jingde of Tang Jiang Wei; Temple Dong Youxi, brook of renown drink horse, circle at cloud block mist all the year round in, running water is ceaseless, horse of drink of fabulous Tang Jun hereat; Temple east, south, 3 side have north northward and infrequent green banboos forest, surround Gu Si closely set off one another, the area makes an appointment with 40 mus, luxuriantly green of green green jade, bamboo tip my day, close not leak, look far, zhu Lin is like the Chi Shui of one pool verdure to rise and fall in gentle breeze, ripple like Tan Shui again, admirable.  

Yuan Zhulin of clump hemp buddhist
Courtyard of clump hemp buddhist, air is fresh, gully spring is pure, climate is delightful, solid south the Xiaojiang that is north, the good place of travel.

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