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Area of travel of island of celestial being of Hai Yang a thousand li
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Area of travel of island of celestial being of a thousand li, in the Yellow Sea that is located in ministry of southeast of sea in relief city, be located in the east longitude 23 ′ of 120 ° , north latitude 15 ′ of 36 ° . Gross area of island of celestial being of a thousand li 0.24 square kilometer, altitude 93.5 meters, insular bank curve grows 3.4 kilometers. All round island average depth of water 30 meters, lowermost water is warm 10 ℃ , highest water is warm 22 ℃ . This island by north and south two hill are comprised, look overlook, just be like the warship of a Yuan Hang that defeat billow, the elephant that is like water of play of raise one's head and look again establishs Yu Haizhong. The scenery on the island is elegant, strange peak blames stone, row upon row of, form the picture of bizarre and motley. Here " sunrise of celestial being island " it is a special skill very, have more " Dong Yangxian island " , " day Men Yunqiao (rank) " , " south day door " , " celestial being footmark " etc strange absolutely scene. Here still has traces of human presence infrequent " Xi Yangbao hole " , can accommodate more than 10 people " Tian Chengshi house " , humor and boundless " toad eats a day " , can weighs a special skill " crossover swallows a boat " and " stone. According to legend in ancient time the life that one bonze suffers a Buddhist monk

Port of island of a thousand li

Come this repairs refine, sit in meditation " Dong Yangxian cabinet " 33 years, become celestial being eventually. He is flown across " crossover " , come " Xi Yangbao hole " search friend, be in " Tian Chengshi house " with friend say a few parting words hind, ascend " day Men Yunqiao " , cross south day door, come to the seaside, the foot steps megalith, wave ocean crosses the sea, stayed " celestial being footmark " vestigial.

Here not only natural scenery too many beautiful things, and move a plant wonderful also. As seasonal change, spring have " lark government island " , summer have " dolphin group play " , autumn have " Shan Juhuang island " , the winter has " be able to bear or endure the winter is proud snow " . Every time when Chun Nuanhua leaves, all sorts of bird birds meet hereat, have common culver, Huang Li and mew, have rare white crane, Hei He and black goose, comprise graph of a lark. Plant breed is very much also, have 20 divisions about, 30 kinds. The rare flowers and trees that has national emphasis protection among them " be able to bear or endure winter " , its leaf blackish green, the four seasons is consistent, come in the winter every time, beginning pistil, the Spring Festival during, against the wind risks Xue Jing to be opened, dress up island of whole celestial being golden, true it may be said " celestial being island all wears gold armour " .
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