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Former residence of Lai Yang Songwan
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Former residence of Wan of the Song Dynasty is located in Lai this world downtown ave is mid east side, build at Ming Dynasty last years of a dynasty or reign. Clear Guang Xuwu year (1879) , lai this world knows prefectural Mao Fanglian to establish tablet for it -- " friend of gentleman of Song Li skirt curtilage " . Set inside the former residence between path light-year " Lu countryside academy of classical learning " , elementary school stands for the official between Guang Xunian, lai in relief middle school is after. Government of Yantai city people announced his to be cultural relic of Yantai city key to protect an unit 1981, shandong saved people government to announce its to save key cultural relic to protect an unit for Shandong 1992.
Former residence of Wan of the Song Dynasty is clear first reason of Wan of well-known poet the Song Dynasty curtilage. Song Wan, word jade father's younger brother, date Li skirt, person of Lai open book. Qing Shunzhi 4 years of a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations, the official makes by examine to Sichuan, for Guan Qinglian, official career twist. His lifetime essence at composing, have " An Yatang complete works " , it is our country has representative poet, as eponymous as Anhui Shi Runzhang, say when " south apply Northen Song Dynasty " . Beautiful of all of word of Wan of the Song Dynasty, ode, article, poem of be handed down from ancient times is made have more than 1300, made outstanding contribution to abounding treasury of Chinese history culture.

Former residence of Wan of the Song Dynasty

Former residence of Wan of the Song Dynasty shows museum of instead Lai in relief city, have a building 46, cover an area of 1054 square metre. Revolutionary history cultural relic is set to exhibit room of art exhibition of memorial hall of memorial hall of Wan of room, the Song Dynasty, past dynasties celebrity, contemporary book to wait inside the house. Memorial hall of Wan of central building the Song Dynasty sits south the Northern Dynasties, monolayer lifts timberwork of brick of posture hard hill, youtaiming and corridor, backbone is admired since add up to tile, of kissing hang down animal and beasts, the double net that discharge column, belt of bridge wearing around wears Fang, 7 purlin 7 rafter. A Yun Dui is set on Liang Fang, brim purlin sets honest of girder of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, purlin Fang sets lintel of flowers and plants child replace with sparrow, ancient sweet patina, the one point that for Lai this world the area puts only is whole ancient building. Statue of Wan of the Song Dynasty is displayed to reach its inside memorial hall composing, script, seal, " An Yatang collect " wood is inflexible, still have the epigraph of party and national leader, famous artist. Divide inside the house secure an exhibition all the year round beyond, hold of all kinds exhibition every year more than 10 times, year recieve domestic and international tourist more than 10000 person-time, obtained huge society benefit, was labelled by government of Yantai city people 1996 patriotism teachs base.
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