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Shandong quick-patter " Wu Song is passed "
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Gao Yuanjun (1916-1993) is China the Shandong quick-patter of the most negative great reputation performs an artist. Original name tall golden hill, henan saves person of peaceful hill county. Qi Yongli is done obeisance to to learn to perform Shandong quick-patter for division in Nanjing when 14 years old. Inchoate common weighs Shandong quick-patter " fierce second " , " of second saying fierce " or " say great stature " . Because inchoate actor is main a genre of popular entertainment consisting mainly of talking and singing " Shui Hu " the story of the heroic character Wu Song in, ju Wusong serves as the hero of ancient time that hit a tiger, enrage muscularity not only, skill in wushu tall and the figure is portly, frame is tall, friend name. Be in about 20 centuries 40 time evening, because want to act to sow and publish disc to broadcasting station, the dialect that uses according to the performance and main at that time popular ground and denominate " Shandong quick-patter. " Shandong quick-patter formed two main and artistic genre in circulate, what send is representative the Yang Lide that passes factitious Shandong to save Jinan, say " poplar clique " ; Another clique is the Gao Yuanjun that is engaged in artistic job in the army of Beijing namely, say " high school " . In the Shandong quick-patter that circulates inside countrywide limits, great majority actor patriarchal clan system " high school. Great majority actor patriarchal clan system " high school..
Gao Yuanjun one's early years goes everywhere namely art, experienced and knowledgeable. Outside divide creation or arranging the program that adapts traditional subject matter to perform, still make up the new program that has performed life of new era of a few report. Representative program has " Lu Da is divided bully " , " Li Kui seizes a fish " , " Zhao Kuangyin is troubled by Ma Jiadian greatly " , and " rice of one car sorghum " , " scout " , " wisdom behead Luan Ping " wait. Among them, the mainest representative item, it is quick-patter of full length Shandong " Wu Song is passed " .

" Wu Song is passed " in all 16, be born from Wu Song namely all the time respecting is localled authorities coerce, with numerous hero together till hill of rebellious upper beam. Whole book with humorous and humor language, bright love and hate, racily depict a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of a travel is generous the heroic figure of defend sb against an injustice. Among them " Wu Song hits a tiger " namely " Jing Yang hillock " normally alone show, most suffer audience welcome. The music of whole book was published by Chinese quyi press 1987 originally.
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