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Glue east the ancient rhyme that feed common
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Glue east dietary culture history is long, connotation is rich, its festival food is consuetudinary more extraordinary splendour confused is shown, fascinating. Medicinal powder all sorts of food that see at feeding common the folk that alludes in ballad adorns a festival, not only foil festive atmosphere, also increased the life fun of people greatly. People often says: "First day of the lunar year eats dumpling -- domestic home is same " , actually glue east the stuffing makings of dumpling, an appearance, taste differs each, it is all-embracing of delicacies of every kind, birds and beasts almost. Seaboard
Have kind of dumpling that makes stuffing with 8 belts Shao, pork, leek, what its taste is bright, of mouthfeel good, your person cries absolutely. People " a year of busy in the end, cannot forget this one dumpling at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year " , besides because " delicious do not cross dumpling " besides, still concern with a shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China of dumpling be similar in shape. Dumpling inside can include the mascot of coin, earthnut, New Year cake, chestnut, red jujube, candied and so on, the five watches of the night rises the desk on reeky dumpling, the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day of gorge of the person that lift the home feed, the person that eating coin, call " exchequer is exuberant " ; The person that eating earthnut, call " immortal not old " ; The person that eating New Year cake, call " step by step uprise " ... a hope for is new year " Fu Anshou Gao Renan, domestic suitable industry promotes money flourishing " . Dragon mouth is taken spend the New Year pachyrhizus of lickerish still dot, saying is " pachyrhizus eats at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year, hit food column house basketry " .   
Glue east the person is staple food with cooked wheaten food. Ordinary in the past other people has tomb-sweeping day to just eat millet or broomcorn rice cooked rice only, feed the large domestic animals such as ass, ox, mulish, horse with cooked rice, balladry " dozen 1000 scold 10 thousand, tomb-sweeping day eats cooked rice " circulate, likelihood and this day of fokelore of the birthday that is an ass are concerned. "In March 3, xiaoyan sends 1000 " . The traditional Chinese calendar in March 3 it is section of new son's wife, marry when the head walks along a married woman's parents' home before section of new son's wife, bring back husband's family the swallow of a lot of dough modeling. This kind of small Yan Qianzi 100 condition, only clever be like only, have swallow of Mu Yan, breast, have lie Chao Yan, Shuang Feiyan, brightly colored, elegant and lovely, provide extremely view and admire value.   
A lot of activities of beg artful section with " artful " the word is concerned. The ballad that feed common " in July 7, scamper flower eats " in say " flower " , it is artful Fu people if its form that shortbread makes is spent, the deepfry food of wonderful artical excelling nature. As clever as what its have different in approach but equally satisfactory in result still one kind grows about 3 to 4 centimeters " artful pastry " , this kind uses ligneous mould to finalize the design first, it is next in hot pot the small cake with ripe bake in a pan, have at least ten kinds of styles such as seedpod of the lotus, longan, lion, Jin Chan, with long term wear bunchy, caudal compose trills crab apple or a handful cotton print, children are hanged on the neck, can eat again amused; If be hanged in the wall to be duped adornment, put spend the New Year not to deteriorate.   
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