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Special local product of a fabled abode of immortals is fastfood
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A fabled abode of immortals is small
Name of tradition of department a fabled abode of immortals eats, the history is long. Noodle is made to be pulled artificially (make noodles by drawing out the dough by hand, local common says " throw a face " ) , fine and pliable but strong, bittern is really silken (common says to add Ji Yu) the add that boil soup is made, add starch of right amount gram, deserve to wait for spice with soy, agaric, balm, anise, Chinese prickly ash, every bowls 9, have distinctive seafood local color. Period of the Republic of China, a fabled abode of immortals that the Yi Futang that pass a person makes is small far and near is famed (common says " Yi Futang is small " ) . Glow of dwell of Yi Futang ancestral home, 13 years old learn hutch, self-supporting carry a load too pull a face, had closed to hold battalion is small restaurant concurrently with the person, self-supporting 1945 " the garment is written down " restaurant. The small area that he makes observes and study extremely with makings and charge for the making of sth. , reason supply is not large, every morning makes work only 100 bowls, with fastidious of its charge for the making of sth. , flavour delicious far and near is famed, often nonlocal travelling merchant is brought because of hall of blessing of garment of be unable to get something to eat is small for a matter of regret. After founding a state, breakfast of restaurant of size of a fabled abode of immortals has more manage, high-grade guesthouse Yi Yizhi entertains a guest in, every morning sale more than bowls 30 thousand.

Flesh of ass of bittern of a fabled abode of immortals

Qing Xianfeng 7 years (initiate of the Huang Kaiji outside the door austral city of 1857) a fabled abode of immortals, 3 generation usurp authority, manage in set up shop of and other places of mouth of Shanghai, battalion, Yantai, provide fame quite, enjoy " flesh of ass of bittern of a fabled abode of immortals, the world does not have adversary " praise. The method that make: Salt water issues boiler, the temperature rise that wait for water comes flesh of person chunk ass is put when 60~70 ° C, boil to 9 mature fish out, edge cross section cuts half feet to see diamonds, change clear water additionally next, add wait for 17 kinds of burden with right amount anise, fennel, cinnamonic, Chinese prickly ash, cassia bark, put fleshy piece, slow fire is stewed boil, salt is added after the flesh is ripe right amount, a bit stew is become namely. Characteristic: Color is red, transparent, excessive is sweet tangy, fresh and tender tastily, for cate of go with wine. Urban and rural restaurant, cafeteria and free market of agricultural products have a sale more.
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