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Hill of Qingdao, Lao, Yantai, a fabled abode of immortals, power sea Dalian, b
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The first day: Qingdao receives a group, go to Lao hill by the car, visit Lao hill north 9 water beauty spot: Wet sound waterfall, without extremely the pool, 9 water 18 pools, lao hill tastes tea. The sculpture of road of the East China Sea of gold travel highway with view the most beautiful Qingdao a street, experience new the city zone of Qingdao the eastpart part, experience new the city zone of Qingdao the eastpart part, area of villa of road of way the East China Sea till bathing place of stone old person, the beautiful fokelore of old person of listen respectfully stone. Live Qingdao

The following day: The urban district swims: Visit landing stage, 8 close greatly, hoist the sails Qingdao watchs bay of hill of on the surface of site of race of Olympic Games caique, the golden beach of 54 square, Qingdao----A plank road built along a cliff of wood of bathing place, seaside, landing stage, maritime sightseeing, marine bazaar, go to power sea by the car) . Live power sea

The 3rd day: Go to power sea by the car, enter Liu Gong island by ship, the swing inside the island, freedom of Korea dress city shops. Bathhouse of sea route of car You Bin, the first seawater, bay of international exhibition center, moon, BUS goes to a fabled abode of immortals, visit the Eight Immortals in the legend to cross scene area----The building of bridge of the Eight Immortals in the legend, Wang Ying, altar that do obeisance to celestial being. Land mine displays a house, the sea grinds building of science and technology. Go to Dalian late by ship.
Live on the boat
The 4th day: Touch Dalian early, go to brigade to arrange, visit fort of cliff of naval port, report, brigade to arrange local speciality market, return Dalian by the car, people square, friendly square, Zhongshan square, russia amorous feelings a street, triumphal square swing. Live Dalian

The 5th day: Visit bay of bridge of square of carve of seaside road, tiger, Beijing University, star polar and square, marine house (entrance ticket provides for oneself) . Send a group afternoon, end the brigade of happy Kang Hui!

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