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Characteristic of kite of Home Yang port
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Content of kite of Home Yang port is rich, behave a form, scale ability law and colour application have its original part. Firstly, the animal of the fairy tale that borrows beauty on content, painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style, luck, water flea volition that will convey people and spirit. Art people chose the fairy tale that adores most in the eye on people heart and historical fokelore, figure ground is its scale on kite, give people beautiful enjoyment already, be placed on spirit and edify to people again, get the satisfaction of mentally. Come to Home Yang hundreds of years port kite can circulate up to now, take root Yu Qun is numerous in, the need of common people was catered to on content, this is the most primary reason.

Secondly, express a theme with indicative, implied meaning, build figure with wraparound, succinct model, it is the outstanding characteristic on gimmick of expression of kite of Home Yang port for. Yang Jiabu drew lessons from the expressional gimmick of the symbolic message of New Year picture, indicative " in successive years is superabundant " " fish " , "100 blessing and attain " " bat " , macrobian " crane " the figure that waits these people love a moment, depict kite to go up, the beauty that shows people place expectation wishs favorably, not only our Chinese likes, the foreigner saw also is to fondle admiringly.

Thirdly, go up in colour, kite of Home Yang port has bright-coloured, lively, vivid characteristic. Kite of Home Yang port absorbed the comparative gimmick that board New Year picture uses on colour, the red, green that loves with people gives priority to color to move, form bright contrast, feel with what find everything new and fresh to the person, absorbed hand draw New Year picture again at the same time dizzy catch, the law of apply colour ability that the layer besmears, massiness of generation administrative levels is amiable the aesthetic feeling with vivid charm, make popular feeling free from worries magical happy, its 4, Yang Jiabu kite takes off smooth, put fly advanced characteristic, the pains that passes a certain number of acting actor studies the practice with hundreds of years, from plunge into make, paperhanging, coloured drawing or pattern arrives put the experience that flew to accumulate maturity, without giving thought to soft wing, hard wing, still be string of type, stereo wait for Dou Youping to fly on blue sky firmly, especially hard wing kite, the line has how to long fly much taller, other kite place cannot be likened to this. Its 5, Yang Jiabu kite is in plunge into make on, have go easily simply, facilitating all-pervading characteristic. Make bamboo only 3, can plunge into the Chun Yan of one Shuang Aoxiang vast sky. Use a line rather on figure outline, absolutely need not the 2nd, go up in colour do one's best is simple and lively. Not only province makings saves labour, it is good to put flying effect, and the price is cheap still. Love the welcome of common people greatly hundreds of years so.
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