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Golden home Yang Shang
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Golden home Yang Shang: Name of folk of Lai overgrown with weeds eats, choose Lai overgrown with weeds is a mountainous area the goat that put in a suitable place to breed, use distinctive recipe, complete sheep is boiled make and become. Soup clear flesh is tender, not fat not be bored with, not raw meat or fish not the smell of mutton, flavour is delicious, nutrition is rich, the characteristic name that is famed province inside and outside eats. Hotpot sex is lukewarm, zhuang Yang of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, it is one of optimal food that autumn winter Ji Jin fills. Already rolled out banger of beef of hoof of vacuum-packed Yang Shang, sheep, sauce, jerk and medicinal food beef to wait for travel commodity now, can offer relatives and friends of tourist choose and buy, gift.

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