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9 turn large intestine
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"9 turn large intestine " the Shandong name dish that is a tradition. In the past, no matter provincial the Lu Cai house outside still be being saved, supply as fascia dish with this at city, all obtained very good fame. The senile deadbeat of Shandong Jinan thinks mostly, "9 turn large intestine " it is to get together the brand dish of Feng De restaurant, and what with this inn Cheng Xuexiang of deceased old chef's master makes is most authentic. Now, make this dish the famousest is Li Peiyu of cooking Great Master, 1988, he attends countrywide cooking contest with this dish, have the honor to win gold, make " 9 turn large intestine " fame day is filled, circulate wider. Allegedly, li Peiyu's Great Master is returned with " 9 turn large intestine " give priority to dozen of dish to taste, developed whole desk " large intestine banquet " , after promotion, very high opinion is caused in deadbeat. But, "9 turn large intestine " after all traceable that restaurant? How to contrive? Present young cook is not quite clear still.

In an early, have representative account Jinan cookbook quite " Jinan dish " in, have " 9 turn large intestine " account: "The traditional name dish that provides characteristic alone ' 9 turn large intestine ' it is to be in ' large intestine of braise in soy sauce ' evolve on the foundation come. At the beginning of clear Chao Guangxu year, by specialize in the pig issues money food and celebrated ' 9 China buildings ' initiate of wine shop place. Because of merchant Du Mou is opposite ' 9 ' word special love, together with expects below this dish firm, with makings is complete, after passing fire, colour and lustre is ruddy and bright, completely of acerbity, sweet, sweet, hot, salty the five flavors, those who feed is soft tender not be bored with, bookman names ' 9 turn large intestine ' , the implied meaning burns refine at Taoist school ' 9 turn red ' , bestow favor on merchant in order to take to be fond of ' 9 ' of tall hutch of addiction and highly praise masterly craft. From now on, ' 9 turn large intestine ' one rife, make very common large intestine is the top grade of dish very quickly. " this cookbook is staff room of cooking of vestibule school of Jinan town business is written at was being organized 1982, and it is referenced the cookbook data that hutch of deceased Jinan name Mr Kong Xianyuan old offers, asked for the precious opinion of the old chef with influential Jinan, by write of cooking egghead Meng Bo, Sun Jian, cooking food theory teachs what Mr Zhang Lianming always compiles after careful, ought to be " 9 turn large intestine " the account with one the most authoritative dish.
About this paragraph of story, after Professor Zhang Lianming is in, he is participated in write " cook essay collect " in have more detailed record and narrate, to save a data, issue textual collection first:

The author (namely Mr Zhang Lianming) writing " Chinese cookbook " Shandong gust dish when one book, visit old chef only then clear. Original, "9 turn large intestine " this dish is to stem from clear Guang Xuchu year, by Jinan " 9 China buildings " hotel initiate. Merchant Du Mou is one huge trade, opened 9 shop in Jinan only, the hotel is among them one of. This manager is right " 9 " the word is having special interest, whats should be taken nine, the shop name that accordingly he opens coronal with " 9 " word. "9 China buildings " set in Jinan county east alley north head, scale is not large, but kitchener is a division ace, more exquisite to cooking food of the money below the pig, "Large intestine of braise in soy sauce " (9 turn of large intestine before renown) very famous, practice also having a unique style: Issue makings firm, with makings is complete, all of the five flavors has, when making, boil first, again scamper, hind burn, give spoon to relapse several times into boiler, until burn cook over a slow fire to come ripe. Place has rare Chinese traditional medicine with condiment arenaceous benevolence, cardamom seed of cinnamonic, beans, what still have Shandong is acrimony article: Green Chinese onion, big ginger, garlic and cooking wine, clear soup, balm. Taste is sweet, acerbity, suffering, hot, salty hold concurrently, firing hind scatter again on coriander (caraway) end, added the flavour of faint scent, fill Pan Zhonggong embellish is bright, fat and not be bored with.
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