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In the light of cross-strait travel new pattern Xiamen strives to seek 5 breakth
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The stage does the country after director Wang Yi will announce to communicate 5 new move to the stage on September 7, communication association of two sides presents the trend that gives more hot wind, the guest discharge September 24 achieves mansion gold course record-breaking 7300 person-time.

Recently, huang Ling of Xiamen city deputy mayor expresses when Taichun accepts media to interview, open " small 3 " mainland of come-and-go of golden gate change trains and Taiwan after this island, the our city is right also travel butt joint of two sides undertakes survey, thinking besides " small 3 " besides still can develop what kind of travel product and new condition photograph to suit.

Huang Ling says, with only photograph of 3 two airliners compares charter flight a week on the weekend, "Small 3 " when the largest dominant position depends on a province be economical, maritime range wants 20 minutes only, the range in sky also wants 40 minutes only, whole journey time is in almost 2 many hours. If Xiamen and golden gate respect cooperate cheek by jowl further, can control the time of whole journey completely in 2 hours. After make an on-the-spot investigation, huang Ling thinks, taiwan although the area is not large, but the tourist attraction is very much, the price of travel product sex that at present 7 smallpox play Taiwan each district 10 thousand yuan is compared not tall, can develop completely 4 to product of 5 kinds of new travel, arrive from north mid arrive again the south, play Taiwan fully.

Be aimed at the new pattern that cross-strait travel appears, huang Ling states Xiamen will strive to seek a breakthrough in 5 respects, do the preparation that two sides of good butt joint travels, include: The characteristic that understands every travel tourist attraction adequately, in the light of different consumption group circuitry of travel of the travel product with different design, farther scientific and reasonable design, reduce as far as possible the price and shorten time doing card.

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