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Yantai is big south hill will build gross area of zoology travel area to amount
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From Yantai city program branch learns, the Yantai that suffers attention fully is big south hill travel project already will be divided certainly period development, project gross area amounts to 60 square kilometer, will be hit to cause area of scene of large zoology travel.

According to introducing, big south hill is located in Yantai urban district, by another name for Taishan Mountain hill of Wang Shan, tower, Zhen hill is comprised, whole big south program of hill development project always uses the ground to accumulate 60 square kilometer, the park accumulates kilometer of nearly 40 square with the ground, area of park cent child care and visit an area two much, visit an area to divide a thing again two much in all 7 scene area, the eastpart part visits an area to include blessing to face Kuang theme to lie fallow go vacationing building of area, the four stars in the bowl of the Big Dipper serves sightseeing of area, Shan Haicheng integratedly to pull get the better of frond of Kuang of area, Yuan Ling test division, lie dragon Kuang business affairs is recreational go vacationing area 5 scene area; The area is visited to include peach blossom cereal western orchard of zoology of hill of Kuang of recreational motion division, gold two scene area. Lie fallow to travel for the large zoology of main function as urban organisms' habits and citizen park, big south sightseeing of hill park be in harmony is pulled get the better of, experience of ecology preserve one's health, amorous feelings, motion is health body, recreational go vacationing etc muti_function for an organic whole, it is the main component that Yantai city builds regional center city and zoology city, also will be core of the zoology of Yantai city, landscape, entertainment.

According to introducing, big south hill development will be divided period undertake, first phase limits is the road that connect a world to the south of, view sea route with on the west, city of annulus hill Lu Yina, harbor east ave with north a mountainous area, cover an area of kilometer of about 35 square. 2 period limits is chemical road to the south of, young road with on the west, Hunan Lu Yina, harbor city on the west ave the country with north, cover an area of kilometer of about 25 square.

Program branch expresses about chief, big south lieutenant general of hill development process holds to the principle with first zoology, protect preferential, reasonable development, ensure the function that regards Yantai city as green lung promotes stage by stage, hold to culture to establish the principle of garden, mix Yantai religion culture, folk-custom culture, red wine culture culture of nature green zoology organic union, highlight characteristic, hold to the principle with harmonious whole, coordinate of the society in process of development of city of give attention to two or morethings, economy and natural zoology each other, contented zoology protection and urban construction and the need that future develops.
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