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Yunnan crosses regular bus of condition international travel head in sending one
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October of Kunming of China News Service 13 days of report (reporter Gan Na) one ticket swims " Kunming - on the west double edition accept - Laos Lang suddenly pulls state " cross condition travel head of special railway line sends a ceremony, twelfth is in on the west Jing Hong city holds autonomous prefecture of Dai nationality of double edition accept, once this travel circuitry is rolled out get the welcome of broad tourist.

According to Yunnan controller of group of province travel industry introduces, one ticket swims " Kunming - on the west double edition accept - Laos Lang suddenly pulls state " the characteristic of project of this new travel simplifies namely leave the country swim formalities, offer for broad tourist high grade, safe, economy, convenient leave the country swim product. Passport of tourist simply hold and deal with leave the country visa comes loose to Yunnan travel the guest is distributing center the center signs up can. Roll out at present " one ticket swims " the journey that is 6 evening 7 days, his charge makes an appointment with 3400 yuan of RMBs. This an altogether that send a group more than 50 tourists join a group.

On the west Chen Qizhong of deputy governor of state of double edition accept expresses 13 days to the reporter, travel should develop, traffic needs go ahead of the rest, make radiation big Mekong the circuitry of high-quality goods travel of second area limits, form stage by stage all-around, open model structure of big travel network, also be on the west one of strategies of city of double edition accept, those who believe special railway line of this one travel is enlightened, will cogent advance this one strategy carry out.

Double edition accept is located in Chinese Yunnan to save Na Duan on the west, the selva ecosystem that churchyard maintains in good condition is world-famous. The territory boundary that double edition accept has 996 kilometers on the west parts with Laos, Burmese border on, with Thailand vicinity, have the area that is faced with South Asia port advantage, existing grind foolish, Jing Hong port of two states level, pass river of billows dark blue again - canalage of Mekong and Laos, Burmese, Thailand, Vietnam, Kampuchea is linked together, it is the main thoroughfare that China faces southeast Asia, South Asia and base, also be the window that Yunnan opens to the outside world.

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