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Yantai will appear on channel of CCTV science and education to tell about port h
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From Yantai city tourism bureau learns, 12 days afternoon, CCTV " hope English " column group will to Yantai undertake on-the-spot collect folk songs films activity. As we have learned, this second film mobile cent two parts, the first part basically films area of Yantai hill scene, introduce the culture opening port of Yantai, consulate of each country of seek by inquiry, tell about the history opening port of Yantai; Impart of Lu Cai cook skill and antecedents, undertake true condition film to the making process of traditional fascia Lu Cai. The 2nd part will walk into dwell glow to seek a family name manorial, tell about glue the Nong Gengwen east is changed and culture of manorial characteristic building, amorous feelings, the introduction seeks the farmhouse cate with manorial family name, reveal its to make method and origin. Predicting program will in November the bottom broadcasts in channel of CCTV science and education.

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