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Of long island " promise boat "
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Nereus of believe in of old times folk, coastal each district has palace of Queen of heaven, common calls temple of Nereus empress or imperial concubine of the first rank or Mom Zu Miao. The Queen of heaven is surnamed forest, renown silent, it is county of Fujian Pu cropland woman of one fishing home, generation of unripe Yu Song builds grand the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor (the Christian era 960 years) , soldier Yu Yongxi 4 years (the Christian era 987 years) , fabulous she " unripe and gods and spirits, young and clever spirit " , can treat a disease for the person, the issue comes in person filial piety, arrogate to oneself swims, rife she can cross the sea by banquet, in the deliverance in a situation full of danger ship of maritime be in danger, be by address sb respectfully " Long Nv " and " goddess " . Become people to revere gradually the maritime goddess that prostrate is infinitely resourceful, yuan she is era honour " Nereus madam " , two generation give bright Qing Dynasty ceaselessly again for " day the wife of a prince " , " goddess of Queen of heaven " , temple is set to establish ancestral temple in coastal each district, offer people sacred. Past folk besides the first month of the lunar year of the traditional Chinese calendar first one, 15 pairs of its burn joss sticks kowtow outside doing obeisance to, hua Danzhi day holds the goddess after days every years old even royal temple fair. I am saved namely Chinese ink, flourish is become, and other places of a fabled abode of immortals also has activity of sea of hold a memorial ceremony for, already became piscatorial carnival.
Past fisherman is invocatory go to sea safe, the boat that returns him copy to use makes delicate model, call " promise boat " , say again " vicarious boat " , jing Songhai god is displayed in temple. Before 1966, the Tibet inside palace of Queen of heaven of island of temple of long island county has from yuan day arrives contemporary " promise boat " hundreds, remain only now tens of only

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