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Zhou Xinfang and consortium of Yantai the operatic circle
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Zhou Xinfang of great master of Beijing opera generation, ever founded consortium of the operatic circle in Yantai 1927. "The operatic circle " the place that is actor of singing and dancing of palace of coach of Tang Ming emperor, call theatrical troupe the operatic circle after, call opera actor children of the operatic circle, honour Tang Ming emperor as form of a address for an official or rich man for the founder of a school of learning of the operatic circle.
Consortium of the operatic circle is the guild organization of opera actor, in Feburary 1912, shanghai founded consortium of the operatic circle (union of Yi Chenling group) , temporarily generalissimo Mr Sun Zhongshan inscribes a horizontal inscribed board in person " advise others by using one's own experience " try to commend,
Beijing opera activist, fierce gives birth to Xia Yuerun, Zhou Xinfang to wait to hold the position of chairman early or late. After 15 years, zhou Xinfang founded consortium of the operatic circle in Yantai again.
Arrive from 1907 1927, zhou Xinfang builds a class 5 times to act in a play to Yantai, the prestige that is in Yantai is very high, accordingly he is advocated found consortium of the operatic circle, those who got bound of Yantai the operatic circle support, and he takes up the post of choose chairman. Of consortium of the operatic circle found, for prosperous Yantai Beijing opera, made historic contribution, did career of a lot of commonweal for bound of the operatic circle. After Zhou Xinfang leaves Yantai, by Heibei book famous civil and military spends chairman of succession of official of facial king sea. Brook of kind of Zhejiang of Zhou Xinfang ancestral home, xu Guifang of father Zhou Weitang, mother all is actor of Chun Xian class, chun Xian class acts in a play to shade of Jiangsu the Huaihe River, zhou Xinfang is born, it is when on January 14, 1895 (armour midday year) . 1900, when Zhou Xinfang is 5 years old, chun Xian class acts in a play in Hangzhou, parents lets him old boy of famous civil and military holds Bai Kangjia lake concurrently the Chen Changxing that spend a face is division. 1901, zhou Xinfang 7 nominal age, with 7 age Tong Weiyi name appearances in Hangzhou first act in a play, because he acts,get serious, babyish but Ju, chang Bo gets Man Tangcai, be by what the person breathes out " prodigy " , change after weigh 7 spirit child, 12 years old only then weigh kylin child. Become kylin child in Zhou Xinfang in those days, he head ascend dock of northward Beijing opera -- Yantai, display the heart laurel tea garden that acts to was built 1906, begin makes fun of " hit fishing to kill the home " . 1909, zhou Xinfang does obeisance to Tan Xin to earth up for division, tan sent art to give him rich nutrition and full-bodied edify, he differs what Beijing opera is born to master of great learning and integrity all right at that time again artistic style dissolve is an organic whole, formed develop a school of one's own " Qi is sent " artistic. Somebody asks Tan Xin to earth up: "What does Shanghai have? " Tan Shui: "Have a kylin child. " Zhang Chunyan says the renown old boy of Beijing: " Beijing all renown old boy, put in a bowl to boil cream, also do not boil give a kylin child to come " .   
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