Yellow Sea You Lecheng [Shandong Yantai]
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Yellow Sea You Lecheng is located in Lai of urban the eastpart part coast of Yellow Sea of a mountainous area churchyard, be subordinate to belongs to company of group of bright phearl of Shandong Yellow Sea. Yellow Sea You Lecheng is having advantaged environment, hill of king of another name for Taishan Mountain leans on the west, north depends on hill of pluvial another name for Taishan Mountain, east with Yao of Kong hole island Xiang Hui is mirrorred, sea facies is lain between to look with the island that raise a horse south, draw near according to hill the sea,

Yellow Sea You Lecheng began construction in April 1993 build, cover an area of a face to accumulate 23 hectare, invest 85 million RMB, it is the main project that Yantai city town builds. The project that already built now has Eden of water of bathhouse of bright phearl of Yantai landing stage, Yellow Sea, seawater, maritime world, play, peace and happiness the 20 many tourist attractions such as building of palace, villatic village, seafood. Yantai landing stage is the whole nation at present the longest the landing stage in the widest sea, full-length 548 meters, 10 meters wide, deserve to have 100 meters long, wide the 20 landing stage dock of rice.

Yellow Sea bright phearl is 30 meters tall, diameter 21. 8 meters, wear a structure to be built by stainless steel net, there are 6 inside, have commodity ministry of ministry, coffee hall, cold drink, luncheonette ministry, muti_function hall and ballroom, from exterior look, bright phearl is in solar shoot, golden light twinkles, nightly issue multicoloured by shine upon of 1180 lamps and lanterns, muddy body is transparent, very grand.

Maritime world and briny bathhouse deserve to have high-grade and luxurious houseboat and motorboat, go up for tourist sea sightseeing. Briny bathhouse is 1350 meters long, beach delicacy, seawater is pure, and room of strong water of change clothes of have as an attached institution 9, commodity shops 6 place, rest a series of form a complete set such as square of guest room of president of building, standard, watchtower, fountain establishment.

Yellow Sea You Lecheng already was become important travel tourist attraction mixes Yantai to serve external recieve an unit, belong to one office market to swim, amusement, feed, old, buy, of behavior an organic whole muti_function public place of entertainment.

Watch sea guesthouse, guesthouse of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of 2 stars class, cover an area of 5000 square metre, have 140 pieces of bed, have big in little dining room can accommodate repast of 400 much people at the same time, hall of high-grade singing and dancing and card pull OK hall to reach big in little assembly room, service quality is excellent, ever obtained Yantai city " 10 beautiful wholesome restaurant " reach Shandong the province is provincial " wholesome demonstrative unit " title.

Yellow Sea You Lecheng is apart from downtown, railway station, marine dock 7 kilometers, airport of the hill that be apart from Lai 10 kilometers, 5, 10, 53, 45, 51, the 17 big customers such as the road, medium the guest sets a site in You Lecheng, communication is very easy. Travel busy season will come in July September, can recieve a tourist everyday 50 thousand more than person.
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