Square of heaven and earth [Shandong Yantai]
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Square of heaven and earth is located in center of development of Yantai economy technology, north faces road of the Yangtse River, pearl River road is received south, cover an area of 240 thousand square metre, start working was built 1994, complete is open 1998. Square with green for fundamental key, highlight natural plant principal part, adorn the artificial scenery such as sculpture, essay. Axes divides square into north and south two to view and admire in group, in order to convey the meaning of square of heaven and earth. North is with " day " intended " the sun " square, the center uses radiative shape road outwards, with sunshine of be similar in shape, it is south with " the ground " intended " the earth " square, the center surrounds the cricoid road with the program, with earth of be similar in shape. The division sign of the development of erect technology of Chinese Yantai economy on square, tablet system is 33 meters expensive, show trigonometry to establish bodily form, top is placed tall the 5 circular stainless steel of rice area badge, design is great " C " embed in the center of have " YTETDZ " model of written characters, namely " development of technology of Chinese Yantai economy " English abbreviate, establish a problem to twinkle to open bright phearl, contend for with day brightness; 6 sail wind is suitable all round tablet body, 8 springs contest emerges, take meaning enter for lotic brave, healthy. The plant basically is lawn, covert, beautiful stage and flowers and trees, its stop halfway with colored lantern of of all kinds, more added a few minutes flowery. Recreational time, roam in the plant ocean of this green, can enjoy the infinite fun of good life to the top of one's bent.

Traffic of square of heaven and earth

Take in Yantai city 21, 23, 27 are in charge of to the developing zone appoint get off arrive namely.

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