Holy hall [Shandong Yantai]
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Qing Xianfeng 11 years, american dip letter can found in a fabled abode of immortals letter of the dip that ascend a city is met, build cathedral, the dip letter with the earliest zone of north of our country China is when meeting organization and cathedral. Treat 11 years together (1872) , letter of the dip that ascend a city can draw side of Henan Duan Xi to build Christian hall at the county, say when " hall of the emperor that ascend a city " . Hall of the emperor that ascend a city is beautiful type construction formerly, form by bethel and belfry couplet body. Because of year long disrepair, mar serious, reparative 1987. Bethel of the eastpart part is monolayer structure, altar sits Dong Chaoxi, font is set in the middle of, two side are change clothes room, tangneike accommodates nearly 400 people. Western belfry is old for three-layer, cupreous bell is hanged on attic beam, every are worth Sunday, ding resounds through whole town, transformed 1987 for 2 structures, one is porch (lobby) , gate area on the west, two connect bethel eastwards, 2 are storeroom. It is early or late in this missionary United States missionary, with Mu La lady is in the impact of international religion bound is the biggest, she is the female clergyman that American christian organizes abroad of the first clique. From 1987 only then, every year foreign tourist looks around to a fabled abode of immortals on a special trip, pay homage to stand 1915 " admire of big United States pulls lady involuntary discharge of urine to love tablet " .

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