Garden of sculpture of celebrity of science and technology [Shandong Yantai]
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Garden of sculpture of celebrity of science and technology is located in direction of southwest of development of Yantai economy technology, north faces Pearl River road, jin Shajiang road is received south. Cover an area of the garden of sculpture of celebrity of science and technology of 57000 square metre, open to tourist 1994. Part according to time order and class of science and technology the astronomer Zhang Heng of period of erect our country the Eastern Han Dynasty, of the mathematician Zu Chong of period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Xie of agronomist Gu Sai, yuan mother-in-law of acting spin expert ecliptic, 13 couple of Courier of Einstein of edison of inventor of Newton of Darwin of Darwinian of the precious when the medicine of bright generation learns domestic plum, agronomist Xu smooth cliff and polish astronomer Copernicus, England, physicist, United States, physicist, polish physicist scientists that make outstanding contribution to human society.

The trail inside garden is curved, rise and fall upland, emerald green grass is like mattress, greenery China coronal, stroll among them, as if the hall of place oneself Yu Zhihui, appreciating scientific brightness. Of garden the artificial lake that north accumulates 14000 more than square metre for one side, green jade Shui Weilan, yu Xiang low end, appropriate and recreational go angling. Of garden east side is an area the Chinese Yantai international of 3288 square metre communicates a center, this building shows dish of screw on to rise type cylinder structure, modelling is distinctive, adornment is elegant, deserve to England produces system of simultaneous interpretation of 6 kinds of speech, the academic communication that can undertake 500 people are controlled reachs professional conference; The big public house of garden of science and technology that relies on a center closely is like one boat form, exterior and grand, interior trim elegance, can come here in what Youle lies fallow sample delicate cate.

Traffic of garden of sculpture of celebrity of science and technology

Arrive by car of road of 18 25 42 inside city Pearl River road or to Jin Shajiang by road of 33 46 49 the road gets off

Garden of sculpture of celebrity of science and technology lodges

All round establishment: Big public house of hot spring of city of gold of Pacific Ocean big public house inferior fine inferior to bring up of big public house of bright phearl of east of edifice of blue sea of big public house of new era of big public house of center of Yantai of big public house of Yantai of big public house of trade of nation of guesthouse of overseas Chinese of big public house guesthouse of ocean of guesthouse of semi-annular jade pendant top

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