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Spa tourism will be playing a national brand in China tourism
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With the advent of cool comfort of the end of the year, leisure and health spa Shenzhen ushered in the best season. November 16, by the Shenzhen Press Group, Pearl River Delta organized by the Federation Press, Hong Kong Commercial Daily Shenzhen Daily and host of the "2010 Pearl River Delta Tourism Festival and the Daily Newspaper League Hot Spring Festival" ended successfully, it will be this co-sponsor the activities in Shenzhen by the spring behind the scenes into the front of the house. As a "health spa lifestyle" of the active promoter, the reporter interviewed a few days ago a special trip to Shenzhen, Spa House, Rising Sun, general manager of Cheng Yuk CITS. From spring to hot spring tourism Cheng Yuk told reporters, "Pearl River Delta Tourism Festival and the Daily Press Union Spa Day" was founded in the summer of 2006, Hot Springs home is set up in 2007, can be said to be accompanied with the Daily Hot Spring Festival came along. Four years, hot springs spa store home to a unique mode of operation quickly became the hot springs in Guangdong major distribution center, also in accordance with the characteristics of the major hot springs, consolidated the surrounding attractions, guests traveling by car for the team and create a variety of characteristics of hot spring tourism product, different units and the business of business needs, develop a reasonable program of meetings. In particular, for many years in Daily Tourism & Hot Spring Festival is co-actively promote the spring from the tourism industry at their own expense in a project to changes in hot spring tourism. Cheng Yuk frankly stated that through the promotion of previous Daily Hot Spring Festival, especially the "Shenzhen Daily," the continued promotion over the years hot spring culture, hot springs tourism industry from an expense item to the changes reflected in the spa tourism, spa tourism around themes of the spring driving, honeymoon travel, business travel is booming. Spa tourism is not only in a small branch of tourism, it has been slowly integrated into people's daily life, will become an indispensable part of people's lives. This paradigm shift is to "Shenzhen Daily," as the main body, the Joint House and the hot spring area, the result of joint efforts of travel agents over the years. Create a "National Spa" a new era of tourism Cheng Yuk kind enough to recommend a reporter hot spring culture in Guangdong Lingnan characteristics and resources, he hoped spa resorts, travel agencies, the public, the media to work together to create "universal hot" new era of tourism. He said Guangdong is rich hot spring resources, has discovered and developed up to more than 300 springs spa, is the most developed provinces in the number of hot springs, there are many hidden geothermal areas to be developed, called "Hot Spring Province" . In the province's hot springs, nitrogen springs (spring alone) accounted for large segments, and the rest as sodium bicarbonate, calcium sulfate, sodium chloride and other types. Hot springs in the coastal areas, such as "Yangjiang Hot Spring", etc., containing more sodium chloride, so taste a bit salty; and like "Jinjiang Hot Spring", "Royal Park hot spring", and many more sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) based; " Julongwan Zhongshan Hot Spring, "the main sea salt springs. It can be said, except in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, Dongguan, Foshan, almost every prefecture has a spa, but the quality is very good. About the future, how will the development of spa tourism market? Cheng Yuk that in the past hot springs tourism tourist travel is only incidental to the project, few travel agencies and tourists to scenic spots as the first destination spa to a special trip to play, making the hot springs are not truly reflect the tourism value. Excellent resort spa, beauty, body and other effects on human health is very good, is it leisure, health is another important way, should be vigorously promoted and developed. Hot spring culture from China, travel agencies as an important bridge for the National Leisure Travel, should assume responsibility to promote popular hot spring culture, the hot spring tourism project to build a people's choice for travel, to make people fully enjoy the tremendous health value and Spa leisure fun. In other countries, particularly Japan and other hot big country, hot springs have become indispensable everyday leisure, and health way. National indispensable as leisure, spa tourism projects tremendous business opportunities. Home spa idea is "dedicated to promote spa tourism products." Home Spa Hot Springs area and the province most of the cooperation, integration features and advantages of each area, the tourism product packaging publicity and promotion, develop a reasonable solution with the right marketing tourist routes, so that visitors can arrange according to their own preferences and and easily choose a different hot springs area on vacation. Home spa visitors can find the official website of China, the province of all hot springs. Particularly noteworthy is the home spa spa tourism in Guangdong Province is committed to establishing a distinctive traditional culture, highlighting the cultural characteristics of the local hot springs, hot springs of cultural promote industrial upgrading, and determined to fight the Chinese the first national brand of spa tourism. Urban fashion has become a health spa Cheng Yuk said the hot spring season all year round. Autumn and winter the city has become a fashionable health spa, scenic hot springs of different spring and summer, experience the feel is different. Body beauty hot springs, many people choose to vacation hot springs, but also to increase body mass in this way. From the Chinese perspective, there are hot springs in the health effects, blood flow, stick to strength. Hot Springs also relieve pressure on the role of regulating emotion. Beauty beauty spa in the role of credit. So even in the summer, hot springs bubble is also possible, is beneficial to the body, and it is a pleasure. Therefore, in expanding home spa hot springs around the same time, but also to promote "hot spring culture", so that more people understand the hot springs, enjoy the hot springs, hot springs to become a health, leisure and lifestyle. Now, the province, including Shenzhen residents were hot springs, including the order of the day, also attracted neighboring provinces and Hong Kong and Macao tourists who came to Guangdong, the hot springs. Guangdong spa industry is ushering in a very good period of development. Guangdong leads China's modern spa industry, spa industry, the development of a new round is being ushered in personalized, high-end of the historical opportunity for development. Visitors to experience the world Hot Springs in China Cheng Yuk about future development that springs out of the house in Shenzhen in 2011, together with the domestic travel agencies, spa products will make the cake bigger. He said the current spring home to the province has developed partners. Diversification in travel today, the number of tourists to the province's hot spots longing vacation, through the spa's unique mode of operation of the home, visitors can easily convenient to the surrounding provinces such as Guangdong, Jiangxi, Fujian and other places, "Zijia" hot springs, but also flew to the north to enjoy the unique experience of hot spring snow. Spa House plans major expansion next year and open a branch network in northern provinces, tourists can go north to the south of the hot springs, so that the tourists a taste of northern Guangdong, the wonderful hot springs. Tourists from all over the house through the cross-regional experience of off-site hot springs trip. Cheng Yuk also told reporters, spa vacation in a foreign country is a very popular tourist items. Increasingly popular in China today, tourism, domestic hot spring resort also ushered in the opportunity of attracting foreign tourists to China hot spring resort. Domestic hot springs is very promising, many of unknown quality springs, hot springs of the home is through integration of resources, tourism resources to promote these good opening to allow foreign visitors to understand China's hot spring to soak in China Hot Springs. "Pearl River Delta Tourism Festival and the Press Union, Hot Spring Festival" has been held five times, for next year's spring festival, Cheng Yuk confident that even better. He said efforts to promote not only greater, out of the Guangdong province to enter more. At the same time will get more support for the tourism industry, improve service levels to promote the common development of spa tourism, spa tourism to China to become world-renowned tourist resort destination.