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Tasting food is a great joy to travel around the metamorphosis of snacks
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In the history of many cultural practices will be considered as edible insects, and even now in Asia, Africa and Latin America, there are still many kinds of insects are considered to be food. For example, in Taiwan, you can enjoy deep-fried crickets Or salted caterpillars, the streets in Thailand, you can also eat cockroaches or scorpions. But in the United States and Europe, eating insects is still rare. Known as the "mystery meat" or "Hawaiian steak" in the luncheon meat is actually added a flavor of ham. Every year, Hawaii residents consume a lot of this meat. Is the more popular sushi luncheon meat snacks, such as luncheon meat Rice (the outside layer of luncheon meat wrapped in sushi.) December 2008, President Obama, when playing golf in Hawaii is to use this as lunch. Although there is no Michelangelo famous, but if you go to Florence, Italy, travel, visceral sandwiches must not be missed. Lunch time, in the streets and markets, and those office workers, lawyers, carpenters line with Internal organs to buy a sandwich is the most authentic. This sandwich which is salted viscera packages and seasonal vegetables. From the Philippines to Jamaica, steamed or fried chicken is famous snacks. Chicken may seem indecent, and wings but it is a different flavor. The Netherlands is one of the typical raw herring dishes, generally, was arrested in the spring came up. If you're in the right season to the Netherlands, everywhere to see this scene: the Dutch herring holding the tail, allowed to slowly To slide into the mouth. In this channel a unique dishes, flavored squid ink and color is used, add some salt will have the taste of seafood. Visitors to Venice or northern Italy at the seaside town to eat this special noodles. Ink may be Transferred into your mouth and teeth, but also gives you time making a special photo opportunity. Haggis in Scotland although there are a variety of cooking cost method, but most of them include: Sheep, goat liver, sheep lung, chopped onion, oatmeal, suet, spices and salt. All of these raw materials into the sheep stomach Boil for a few hours to eat. It is said to commemorate the Scottish national poet Robert Burns (Robert Burns), the Scots in the 25 January each year the week of the dinner, which will eat haggis . The northwestern coast of the United States and Canada is a place where most geoduck, each about 1-3 pounds (0.9 kg to 2.7 kg.) In China a lot, about 1 pound (0.9 kg) 30 dollars. Geoduck said to be caused by sexual desire, in the China's hot pot to cook and eat or eat sashimi from Japan, dipped in sauce and mustard. Experts suggest the best in September to next April to eat geoduck. Iceland is one of the restaurant menu features provide rotten shark meat - described by many writers as the most difficult to eat the most disgusting. In the absence of refrigerators, Icelanders have chosen other ways to store meat, such as smoked, Salted, dried or directly buried into the ground a few months allowed to decay, so that shark meat is formed. France, the country known as the culinary world, as French cuisine cooking recipes to lay the foundation for many Western, so dishes and other countries compared to French cuisine may be more familiar. However, edible snail (with Been cooked butter and garlic snails shell and internal organs) are still a lot of people feel sick. This dish is very common in France, if you go to France, must not be missed.